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Biergarten Schwäbisch Hall
  • We organize a summer party, an open day, a Christmas party, a company party in our company. How's the process here?"
    We have also worked out different packages and offers for companies. Our professionalism and cost transparency will also convince you. We also host complete company parties with food, drinks, equipment and music. Everything from a single source, you can concentrate on your tasks, we do the rest. As references, we can e.g. name the spring show of the Koch Autogruppe or open-air events in Kantine 26 as well as many other events in the region.
  • Which power connection is required?
    We only need a normal light current connection 240 V / 16 A (normal socket) at a maximum distance of 50 meters from the installation site.
  • How far do you guys drive with the bar
    Our package prices include 30 kilometers from Schwäbisch Hall. From 30 kilometers a kilometer flat rate will be charged. For public events, please contact us.
  • How big is the bar? Which access do you need?
    The width is 2.45 meters, the driveway should be wider. The height is 2.65 meters when closed and 3.05 meters when open.
  • We are planning a festival (club, city, organization) and would like to have you there. What variants are there?"
    The Limebar is a magnet for visitors and an enrichment at your party. We support clubs with a stand fee or sometimes with a share of the turnover. Feel free to contact us, we will work together with your team and find a suitable solution for both sides.
  • What cocktails do you make? Do you also make cocktails on request? Do you do sex on the beach, pina colada, swimming pool etc?"
    The Limebar concept was born from the idea of offering delicious, refreshing and modern cocktails. Also the non-alcoholic variants should not be neglected. The bar was designed in such a way that efficient and effective processes are guaranteed in order to be able to offer a wide menu and still be fast enough to be able to serve a larger number of customers. Since the space and storage options in the bar are very limited, we have worked out a cocktail menu that is possible with these general conditions. Cocktails that are not on our menu require different glasses, different types of ice, different ingredients, etc. For these reasons, we only offer cocktails from our menu. In exceptional cases we ask you to contact us, we will certainly find a suitable solution in your case.
  • Can you manage without electricity?
    Yes, with restrictions. We are completely self-sufficient with a built-in battery that lasts up to 12 hours. There is just no ice-cold Jägermeister from our Jägermeister machine (this needs a 230 V power supply)
  • Which package should I book? How many cocktails should one calculate per person?
    Our rule of thumb is: between 1.2 and 3 or 6 cocktails are drunk per capita. In exceptional cases, however, it can also be 5 drinks per guest. Time, day of the week, age, gender, driver-non-driver, total range of drinks at the event and many other factors play an important role here. But there are also many ways to control costs and consumption. Feel free to talk openly with us about the goals and wishes of your event. We have been in the catering industry since 1998 and will certainly find a good and suitable solution for you too, so that your guests are guaranteed to be happy.
  • What is a package price?
    We have put together different packages for you. All packages include travel (up to 30 km from Schwäbisch Hall), set-up time, clean-up time, all equipment, napkins, cocktail menus, etc. All cocktails from our menu are available for you. The packages each include the number of drinks. 25 people - 50 cocktails, 50 people - 100 cocktails, 100 people - 200 cocktails. This number of cocktails is included in the package price. Our cocktail menu includes both non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails. The bartender is also already covered in the price. The guests get their drinks at the bar, service is not possible with a bartender. If you require service, please contact us.
  • Can I rent you without a Limebar trailer?
    I'd love to. For a small surcharge on package prices (currently €75 incl. VAT), we can also come to you with our mobile bar counters. The surcharge is due to the enormous additional effort involved in setting up and dismantling as well as transport compared to our fully furnished bar on wheels.
  • Do you need water and sewage connection?
    No. We have water and waste water containers on board.
  • Can the bar be used inside a building?
    If the goal is at least 2.50 meters wide and 2.75 meters high, you can also push the bar into a hall by hand. The total weight of the bar is 750 kg.
  • Where can I see if you're open today?"
    On our home page you can see in the calendar whether we are open today or unfortunately closed. We cannot temporarily change the opening times in Google.
  • Can I pay with a card?
    Although we are in the middle of the city, the current internet connection does not allow us to make online payments. We don't have a cable connection (island, no fixed building)
  • We're a big group, how's it going with you?"
    Just reserve the appropriate number of tables or enter the number of people. For self-payers, the process is as usual. If you want the entire visit to be on one bill, please let us know before ordering. We have well-functioning solutions for such cases.
  • Can I reserve a table for live music?
    No. For organizational reasons, it is not possible for us to reserve tables for live music. Please come in good time before the event begins, we have enough places for our guests.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit for self-service?
    Yes, we require a deposit of 2€ for all glasses/cups and a deposit of 1€ for bottles.
  • We are a band and would like to perform with you.
    Please contact us by email. In winter / spring we put together the complete dates for the season.
  • Can I celebrate my wedding with you?
    In theory yes, in practice we cannot exclude the risk of bad weather, it will then be difficult or impossible to find an alternative location for the celebration if it rains that day.
  • By when will it be decided whether you open or not?"
    On some days it is already clear at 9 a.m., on others we have to wait until around 2 p.m. to see how the weather develops.

Fragen & Antworten

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